Dara Tafazoli (PhD) is a Research Officer on the VR School Study. He is currently working on developing and implementing the CALL literacy framework for language teachers. Dara received his PhD in Languages and Cultures from the University of Cordoba, Spain, in 2019. He has received many awards, grants, and scholarships. Recently he was awarded the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) 2021 Research Priorities Initiative grants for a project titled “Key Enablers and Barriers to Integrating Technology into Iranian Language Teaching Profession”. His research interests are Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL), CALL teacher education and professional development. 


Researcher in Education, The University of Newcastle, Newcastle, Australia (2020 – Present)
Research title: “Developing and implementing a computer-assisted language learning literacy framework for language teachers”

Ph.D. in Languages & Cultures, University of Córdoba, Córdoba, Spain (2016-2019)
Dissertation title: “A cross-cultural study on the relationship between CALL literacy and the attitudes of Spanish and Iranian English language students and teachers towards CALL” (with the highest possible degree “Honors” – Cum Laude)
Supervisor: Mª Elena Gómez Parra
Co-supervisor: Cristina A. Huertas Abril

A.A., B.A., & M.A.in English Language Teaching (ELT), Iran, (2009-2015)

Research Interests

Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL)
Technology-Enhanced Language Learning (TELL)
Teacher education and professional development
Cross-cultural studies, issues related to language teaching and learning

Professional Associations

Member, Teachers Without Borders (2011 – present)
Member, The Asian Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (2011 – present)

Member, Asian-Pacific Association of Computer-Assisted Language Learning (2011 – present)
Member-at-large, JALTCALL (The Japan Association for Language Teaching – Computer-Assisted Language Learning SIG) (2020 – 2022)

Member, Association for Tertiary Education Management (Australia) (2021 – 2022)

Member, Teaching English Language & Literature Society of Iran (2011 – 2020)
Member, Young Researchers & Elite Club – Islamic Azad University (2014 – 2015)
Member, Student Research Club (Shahid Beheshti University) (2011 – 2013)


  • Recipient of Excellence in Student Engagement Award (‘NUmates’ team project), Association for Tertiary Education Management, November 2021, Australia
  • Recipient of Global Citizen Award (Highly Commended), The University of Newcastle, November 2021, Newcastle, Australia
  • Recipient of School of Education Achievement Award, The University of Newcastle, October 2021, Newcastle, Australia
  • Recipient of ACTFL’s 2021 Research Priorities Initiative Award, American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, September 2021, the USA (Research fund: US$3,800)
  • Recipient of Faculty of Education and Arts Achievement Award, The University of Newcastle, December 2020, Newcastle, Australia
  • Recipient of Global Citizen Award (Highly Commended), The University of Newcastle, November 2020, Newcastle, Australia
  • Winner of the National E-Learning Award (E-Learning Leader section), UNESCO, December 2018, Tehran, Iran.
  • 3rd Place in the International Mother Language Day Essay Contest, United Nations Information Center, March 2018. Tehran, Iran.
  • Recipient of Appreciation Letter from Khate Sefid Press for contribution to the TELLSI13 Conference, Lorestan University, Khoramabad, Iran
  • Winner of the 1st prize (Excellency in Research) for presenting a paper “The spread of English multinational context” at the 14th International Conference on Modern Contributions from Science, Education and Research, University of Ordea. January 9-10, 2015. Bucharest, Romania.
  • Recipient of Special Certificate of Recognition and Appreciation for contribution to the specialized courses and debates organized during International Summer School, University of Wales, Romania. August, 2014, Romania.
  • Recipient of Travel Grant for presenting a paper “Persian as a Pluricentric Language” at the International Conference on Non-dominating Varieties of Pluricentric Languages, University of Graz. July 11-13, 2011. Graz. Austria
  • Recipient of Appreciation Letter for volunteer contribution to Teachers Without Borders (TWB) as an English-to-Farsi translator in Teacher`s Guide to Earthquake Education, Washington, USA
  • “Rank 12”, A.A. to B.A. Iranian National University Entrance Exam (Konkoor) in English Language Teaching major

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